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Meet Anum: Your Personal Career Coach

πŸŽ₯ Meet me, Anum! Navigating the intricate pathways of career progression is my specialty. With over a decade of immersion in the staffing and recruiting arena, I've lived the challenges of job-seeking and hiring from every angle. This isn't just my professionβ€”it's my passion. I've weathered the storm as a candidate applying to countless positions and honed my insights by shaping the hiring process from the inside. These dual perspectives fuel my mission: to empower you to land your dream role with ease, utilize AI to amplify your productivity, and nurture a growth-centric mindset.

Over a decade ago, I took a bold leap of faith and ventured into the bustling world of NYC. It was thrilling yet intimidating, but I packed up my life and moved to the big city for a job offer.

πŸ—½ New York wasn't a walk in the park. Life threw curveballs my way – unexpected salary cuts, the cutthroat corporate landscape – I faced it all. But I crafted a strategy that became my secret weapon 11 years ago.

🌐 I hustled, networked tirelessly, and mastered the art of building meaningful connections. I didn't just send messages; I genuinely connected, showcased my worth, and shared my story. From door-to-door sales in Brooklyn to juggling side gigs for rent, I left no stone unturned, meticulously refining my strategy for guaranteed results.

My approach wasn't just about finding a job; it was a comprehensive method to build my brand, secure roles, and negotiate successfully.

And the validation arrived – my strategy worked. After many failed tries I got multiple offers which were the fruits of my meticulously crafted networking approach, a journey that began over a decade ago.

My secret weapon evolved into a formula that I'd continue to refine throughout my career. I coached others on the side, becoming living proof that my method was a catalyst for success. But that was just the start.

As I continued coaching individuals on their career journeys, I adapted to the changing times. I introduced cutting-edge AI tools into my strategy, ensuring it stayed relevant and powerful. With a passion for transforming careers, I blended proven methods with AI technology, empowering professionals like you to build powerful professional brands and realize your full potential.

My mission is to elevate professionals like you to transition seamlessly into your dream roles, drawing upon a deep well of expertise from a recruiter’s vantage point. I understand the intricacies of what makes a candidate stand out and use this knowledge to elevate your career trajectory. By integrating advanced AI tools, I aim to maximize your productivity and streamline your path to success, while also fostering a growth mindset that prepares you for the ever-evolving professional landscape. Together, we'll unlock new opportunities, harness the transformative power of technology, and pave the way for a flourishing career that aligns with your ambitions and aspirations. Let’s embark on this journey to amplify your potential and redefine what’s possible in your professional life.

⭐Today, after over a decade of dedicated evolution, I stand as a testament to the power of resilience, strategy, and innovation. My story isn't just about me – it's a roadmap for your transformation. And now, I'm extending an invitation for you to step onto that path and embrace your Elevate Your Career journey.⭐

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What You Will Get

At Elevate Your Career, we don't just offer advice; we offer tailored strategies that align with your unique career aspirations and strengths. Our goal? To help you rise above challenges and seize the opportunities tailored just for you.

The ROI of Our Services:

While working with Elevate Your Career might be an investment, think of it as planting a seed for your future success. Many of our clients, after our strategic sessions, have not only climbed the corporate ladder more swiftly but have also witnessed significant salary hikes, sometimes in the range of 20-30%. The true ROI? A career that doesn't just pay more, but fulfills more.

The Knowledge of An Expert

With years of industry insight and a passion for guiding professionals towards their goals:

I've dedicated my career to recognizing potential and turning it into progress. Through our specialized services, I've seen professionals like you transform their careers in ways they never imagined

Weekly Coaching Sessions with Anum: Dedicated weekly sessions throughout the 12 weeks for personalized guidance, addressing your unique concerns and aspirations. Along with daily direct messaging access for support whenever needed.

12-Week Intensive Course Access:

A comprehensive, AI-enhanced program crafted for professionals eager to go from 5 to 6 figure dream roles.

Skill Enhancement Recommendations:

AI-backed advice for upskilling, ensuring alignment with contemporary industry demands.

Practical Exercises

Personalized AI-Career Assessment: Launch your transformation with an assessment tailored to spotlight your individual strengths and potential career paths.

AI-Optimized Personal Branding Toolkit:

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Overhaul.

Guided Personal Branding Strategies.

ChatGPT prompts and recommendations for consistent and strategic personal brand updates.

Interview Mastery with AI Simulations: Engage in simulated interviews designed by AI, prepping you for real-world success.

Mastering Job Negotiations:

With our expert-led training, develop the skills and confidence to negotiate your worth and secure your dream position.

New Aquaintances & More

Exclusive Community Access:

Dive into a community of driven professionals, share insights, ask questions, and cultivate meaningful connections.

The Power of Authentic Networking: Master the art of effectively networking with authenticity. Learn to cultivate genuine relationships that can lead to invaluable job referrals and elevate your career trajectory.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Enjoy lifetime access to course updates, ensuring your skills and strategies remain top-tier.

Post-Course Support:

Benefit from 30 days of extended support post-course for seamless strategy implementation.


AI-Curated Job Recommendations:

Deep-dive into evolving job market trends.

Built in Community Discussion Board and Direct Messaging Access:

Built in Community Discussion Board and Direct Messaging Access

Real-time Job Market Analysis:

Personalized job and company targeting plan, ensuring alignment with your skills and aspirations.

Access to Our Custom Built Mobile App:

Resource Vault:

Essential job search resources

Resume samples

Cover letter samples

LinkedIn profile content examples

Built in to-do checklist

Templates, and more, aiding your transformative journey.

About Elevate Your Career

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